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9900 Stoneybrook Drive, Kensington, MD 20895
Dec. 1 – Jan. 2 | 9 am – 10 pm
phone: 301-587-0144

About the Giving Machine

This Christmas season, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints invites people everywhere to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by sharing their light with others. This year’s “Light the World” initiative invites us to ask ourselves and then act on this question:

Who needs my light today?

One way to share light this Christmas is through a Light the World Giving Machine. These giving-focused vending machines, found in many cities worldwide, provide a unique and memorable way to serve and care for others.

Inside every Giving Machine are various items local and global charities need to fulfill their mission, such as groceries, clean water, child vaccines, beds, hygiene kits, farming equipment, medical care, job training, educational supplies, and livestock. Donors purchase items from the Giving Machine, and participating charities fulfill the order.

Since the first Giving Machine appeared in 2017, total contributions have reached $15 million. As part of its ongoing global humanitarian efforts, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints covers all operational costs, ensuring that 100% of every donation goes to the charitable cause of your choice.

Last Year's Stats


Total donations In 2021 


Polio vaccines for children


Menstrual kits to keep girls in school


Meals to feed the hungry

Meet The Charities

Giving Machine donations are given to the local or global charity of your choosing.

Click on the charity to be directed to their individual web pages for more information on the services they offer.

What Can I Give?

Frequently Asked Question's

Light the World is the annual Christmas initiative sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Its purpose is to invite all people to celebrate the birth and life of Jesus Christ and follow in His footsteps by serving others.

Light the World Giving Machines are in high-traffic areas of select cities worldwide. Each machine includes cards representing items requested by participating nonprofit organizations. Donors review the items and select those they wish to purchase. After payment is complete, the cards drop into a sealed collection bin. Every transaction is tracked and a summary report, along with a check, is provided to the nonprofit organization after the machines are put away.


Giving Machine items can include groceries and meals, clean and sustainable water, shelter, clothing, blankets and beds, educational assistance, healthcare services, immunizations, hygiene kits, job training, and even livestock. The variety of items and prices make it possible for any one of any age to give.

Participating organizations receive 100% of the collected funds and an itemized list of donor purchases. These organizations then acquire and deliver the goods and services to those in need. In some instances, substitutions for purchased items may be necessary to meet more significant demands; however, substituted items must remain within the same category as the original purchase.

Those unable to visit a physical machine can participate online at

The Giving Machines in Washington, D.C. are a seasonal experience that runs during Christmastime as part of #LightTheWorld. They’ll be open all day, every day from December 1 through January 2.

Light the World Giving Machines only accept credit/debit
cards and mobile payment services (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.).

Every participating nonprofit organization has pressing needs. We encourage individuals and families to learn about each participating charity and support those that resonate. Information about this year’s participants is found at

Since the first Light the World Giving Machine launched in 2017, tens of thousands of donors have contributed $US15 million to serve and care for millions of people in need.

The Giving Machines are just one way to #LightTheWorld. And you don’t have to spend money to help others one by one like Jesus did. Click here for more ideas to do good and serve others this Christmas.

For more information about the Light the World initiative, visit

For more information about Giving Machines, visit

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